How Can You Mine Bitcoin For Free? A Complete Guide

Bitcoin mining is a complex process. It requires a lot of effort and high-efficiency tools. If you want to mine Bitcoin for free, you should already have computers capable of handling everything involved in the mining process. With this, you also need the following tools;



A Bitcoin wallet is necessary for mining. It is responsible for keeping all you earn. A miner can send and receive Bitcoin safely through the wallet. He can store even a Satoshi (small unit of Bitcoin) and thousands of Bitcoins in it without any security risks.

Encrypted Bank Account

An encrypted bank account is an online bank. It is a place for transferring all the earnings.

Free Mining Software

You should install mining software on the computer system or any other device. Set it up after you install it. Finally, you need to link your Bitcoin wallet with your Bitcoin mining account.

A mining software bridges your computer to a Bitcoin mining pool (if any) and a distributed Blockchain network. A number of mining software programs are available for use with Linux and OS X. The software stores all input and output data within the Blockchain.

It analyzes statistical data that includes other factors like fan speed, temperature, speed of the miner, and hash rate. Here are the names of some famous mining software.

  •       BFGMiner
  •       BTCMiner
  •       EasyMiner
  •       50Miner
  •       GGMiner and 
  •       MinePeon

All possess some advantages and disadvantages. You can select the one according to your requirement and preference. For instance, some mining software starts mining automatically when provided with all the settings, while some require human interaction at different points. Some software works on a single operating system, whereas some can run on other operating systems.