Is Newton the Best Crypto Exchange in Canada?

After the popularity of cryptocurrency, thousands of cryptocurrencies were launched. Similarly, many crypto exchanges came into the market for the trade of these digital tokens, some of which stand out. These are Binance, Gemini, Kraken, Coinbase, bitFlyer and eToro. Crypto exchanges are highly ranked because of their liquidity, low price, and features they provide. But what if a business is free of cost? Wouldn’t it be incredible?


Newton Crypto Exchange

Newton crypto exchange is a Canada-based exchanging platform specially designed for Canadian residents who want to trade cryptos. The name Newton is inspired by Sir Isaac Newton. This platform is free of cost. It welcomes newbie Canadians who are interested in cryptocurrency. You can trade 19 well-known digital currencies: Ethereum, Ripple, QCAD, DogeCoin, USD Coin, Stellar Lumens, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin. Every newcomer can use it quickly due to its user-friendly interface. This platform has a partnership with PLAID for ensuring high security.

Newton Pro 

Newton Pro is designed for advanced traders. It requires recognition from Newton. It has more liquidity and tighter spreads. You also achieve 3rd party custody with a balance free of cost.


With a lot of benefits, there are some limitations to this exchange platform:

  1. It is only for the residents of Canada. The person who is not a citizen of Canada is unable to set up an account on it.
  2. It may take more time for verification.
  3. There are not many currencies available for trade.

Only 19 crypto currencies can be exchanged. This limits the use of this exchange.

Is Newton the Best Crypto Exchange in Canada?

With very few limitations, Newton is indeed the best Crypto Exchange in Canada. Features like no trading fee, large spreads, third-party custody, high liquidity, and instant verification make it different from other Crypto Exchanges.